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Overview of Toluna Surveys:

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Information : Toluna Survey

Toluna is a data providing company with a huge panel from all across the globe. The company receives over 1,000,000 survey forms on a daily basis from various parts of the world. With such a huge network, the company is able to complete all the queries and deliver the information which is required by Toluna’s esteemed clients. This information is used for market research and to determine the consumer behavior. Further, this data is used by the research and development team of various companies to develop products and services as per the requirement of the customers.

The company requires surveyors and experts to convert the information into relevant data which can be used for other procedures. With over 17 offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, this company is one of the leading online data providing companies all around the world.

How to Make Money With Toluna Survey?

You can become a member of Toluna Survey by registering with the company online. You can fill in all the required information that hardly takes a few minutes. After receipt of the details, Toluna will issue you membership which can be used for other activities.
You can not only earn by joining Toluna Survey by spending some time in filling the survey forms, but also get the best information and news about your interests.
The company allows you to join debates and polls so that you may not only work but gain some knowledge and stay in touch with the rest of the world.
You can also join various competitions arranged by the Toluna for overall development and fun. All these facilities are open for the Toluna members.

Payment Terms : Toluna Survey

  • As a panelist of Toluma Survey team, you can earn in points for every survey accepted by the experts of the team. You can receive a variety of surveys depending upon the availability and your interest.
  • You can earn different points for the completed survey forms. This would hardly take you some minutes to complete a survey form with relevant information and help you in earning points which can be redeemed in cash or various discount coupons for various brands and products.
  • The points may be awarded according to the survey and every survey may differ in the rewards or points. You can check for the same in the instructions provided with the survey form. Some of the surveys may provide you 15 points and some may give you higher points as well.
  • Apart from submitting the completed form to earn points, you can also refer people to join the company and earn points on that account. Every successful referral will be rewards with discount coupons and points.
  • The points can be afterwards redeemed into money and transferred in bank account. This would serve you as good as cash.


Toluna is a multinational survey services providing company which requires surveyors and panelist to accomplish the data collection and compiling task. As part of our list of best paid survey sites, we recommend you to join Toluna surveys. If you are interested in this task, you can join the company by providing essential details and register yourself. You can completely trust upon the company for honest payments and quantity of work. Also, you can ask for more surveys, if you can handle the work load.